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1.1 Provided that you are ordering goods in a country (Australia), state (NSW, VIC) and suburb(Albury, Lavington, Wodonga) in which Indian Chimney Restaurant offers an online ordering and local delivery service. By ordering food from Indian Chimney Restaurant, it is understood that you agree and accept the following Terms & Conditions.

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1.5 Placing your Catering Order: For larger orders, additional notice may be necessary. Our Indian Chimney Restaurant representative will contact you if this is the case. Payment must be made at the time of placing your order or pickup. Indian Chimney Restaurant prices are updated from time to time. Items will be charged at the price applicable at the time you submit your order and as shown on the invoice. In the rare case where an item is out of stock or unavailable you will be contacted to make other arrangements.

1.6 Refund Policy: Indian Chimney Restaurant has a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy. If you are not happy with a particular item please let us know and we will refund it. Refunds are only applicable if you inform us by 9pm on the day your order is picked up. To make a return, please contact us either by email or phone by 9pm the day you pick up your order.

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3. ALLERGEN FREE OR GLUTEN FREE PRODUCTS 3.1 Indian Chimney Restaurant will endeavor to provide allergen free or gluten free food, but traces of allergens or gluten may be unintentionally present in food due to cross-contamination during store operations. We cannot guarantee 100% that all our food is allergen or gluten free.

3.2 Indian Chimney Restaurant will not be liable for any costs whatsoever, including medical costs, if a customer has any adverse reaction to a Indian Chimney Restaurant product.

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4.5 To whom may we disclose your information?
operation of our business or our Website, fulfilling requests by you, and to otherwise provide products and services to you including, without limitation, web hosting providers, IT systems administrators, advertisers and business partners, payment processors, data entry service providers and professional advisors such as accountants, legal advisors, business advisors and consultants;

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